In the summer of 2013, 12-year-old Gracie Pfaff read a book based on a true story of how one teacher changed the fate of a failing family farm. The story inspired her so much that she immediately began to ponder food insecurity and small scale farming. Gracie had dreams of going to Africa to teach hungry people how to grow their own food in sustainable ways. Her parents supported her dream, but encouraged her to start local. So, Gracie founded Harvest107 and began making her impact at a small school just outside of Nashville, TN.

Now age 20, Gracie has continued to be one of the youngest service leaders in the world. Some may have been satisfied with the school project that fed about 24 families, but her heart is set on preventing hunger in sustainable ways for every person on the planet. After a month-long trip with her family to Haiti in early 2014, Gracie knew where Harvest107 needed to go next. She and her family lived in Port au Prince for 5 years, creating sustainable urban micro-farms for orphans and impoverished communities throughout Haiti, while preparing national staff to lead the efforts.

When Gracie says:

“This is all I want to do – I love it! I won’t stop until everyone has the option to eat fresh food.” 

Gracie models, speaks at events, and uses social media as a way to share her passion for ending hunger sustainably. She is always creating opportunities to meet other service leaders and potential partners to expand Harvest107’s operations.


Our team

“Another day at the plant with…”



Certified Agronomist

Josue is the newest member of the Harvest107 family. He recently obtained his Certified status after graduating from Université Polyvalente D’Haiti. Josue is Harvest107’s first Certified Agronomist and brings much knowledge and skill with him. He is excited about his job and loves learning as much as possible about improving Haiti’s agriculture sector.


Agronomist & Carpentry Assistant

Peterson is a hard worker who recently finished his carpentry apprenticeship and is currently working as an apprentice to Harvest107’s lead agronomist, Josue. He has earned the nickname “Strong Peterson” after showing some super human strength on more than one occasion. He recently became a father to a beautiful baby girl!




Yvelt is a student who became an official part of the Harvest107 team after numerous volunteer outings. He is always eager to learn new skills and help wherever he can. He is always seeking ways to help and grow, and we love having him on the team.

Harvest107 is creating sustainable food sources in developing countries.