We are proud to announce that a fruit (or vegetable – depending on who you ask) is the new sweet treat here in Haiti! We recently picked a large harvest of cherry tomatoes and the childrenĀ loved them. When we started this particular micro-farm, the kids were always asking us for candy. It is common for orphans in Haiti to relate Americans with candy since short term visitors always come loaded with sugary treats for them. Our mission is nutrition so we look for alternatives that will be just as exciting for them, but healthy. This month’s experiment was cherry tomatoes and it was a huge success. The nannies prepared a juice from the harvest and what was left was handed out to eat raw. Now, instead of being greeted with “give me candy” we get giant hugs from the local children saying, “Mwen vle tomat!” which translates to: I WANT A TOMATO!

One small victory for whole, organic foods! Better luck next time Senoir Candy!