Things have been a little crazy here in Haiti the past week or so with political demonstrations and transportation strikes. It has made getting out to get supplies difficult. But, the rooftop expansion is in full swing and we are excited to share the progress with you!

We are pleased to share that 1000 seedlings have been started and the new boxes have been built. We placed an order from our friends at SOIL for compost, only to discover that we needed more … much more (as in about 300 bags more). Our boxes turned out to be much larger than we thought, but we’re looking forward to seeing even more vegetables growing for these precious faces.

Since the expansion has turned out to be so much larger than we had originally anticipated, we have exceeded the budget for this project. We know that it will be worth every penny, but we need help to get it done!

Please consider an investment – just a few dollars will cover 1 bag of soil (we used 400 bags!) or you can help fund the whole project!


Have you seen our latest video? Watch as Sr. Content, head cook at the Maison des Enfants orphanage, shares how the garden is impacting their lives: