2014-03-20 14.35.19Hunger and malnutrition are problems that plague a large portion of the world.  According to  the  FAO, about 805 million people in the world are chronically  malnourished-the majority of  whom  are  women and children. In developing  countries, where malnutrition hits the hardest,  poverty,  climate  change, poor  economic infrastructure, and conflict can all contribute to long-  lasting  hunger. But,    malnutrition and hunger can affect anyone, anywhere. Lack of access to the  necessary   resources and  nutritious foods leads to prolonged illnesses, stunted growth and a  myriad  of other  health  complications in those who are chronically undernourished.

Here at Harvest107, we are dedicated to providing those resources and access to  sustainable  sources of food. With our newest food projects in Haiti, we plan to do just  that. While in Haiti we  will be  building microfarms in the meetinghouse of Kofael and  the Maison des Enfants de Dieu orphanage. We are  working  towards a reality in which everyone can live without the fear of hunger. And, we cannot do  it without your help! One simple donation can help us to provide plants and other supplies.