Happy Birthday Gracie!

It is hard for me to believe that Gracie is 16 years old today for 2 reasons:

  • What she has accomplished in her life so far, the impact she has made –
    dramatically improving the lives of so many people – eclipses what most of us
    will do in a lifetime.
  • Remembering that day and that beautiful newborn baby girl, seems like such
    a short time ago to me.

None of us could have imagined 16 years ago that she would become the person
she is today. Gracie began her mission to address food insecurity about 3 ½ years
ago at a school in Nashville, TN. For almost 3 years now, she (and her family) have
been focused on helping some of the world’s poorest in Haiti.

Thanks to Gracie’s leadership and devotion:

  • Over a thousand people in Haiti are eating fresh vegetables daily that were
    planted initially by Harvest107 using sustainable methods and which they
    have grown and nourished through multiple seasons.
  • Rural farmers are now using farming techniques taught by Harvest107 to
    increase crop production and yield.

For those of you who are following Harvest107 and for those who partner with us
through your generosity, we thank you. Walking beside us in this venture helps
support the mission Gracie began and continues.

On this day, let us celebrate Gracie – she is an inspiration to us all. I can’t wait to see
what she does next.

Happy birthday!

Joe Payne
Board Chairman