We would like to introduce you to Jimmy.


Who is Jimmy?

Jimmy is greatly respected (and equally feared) among the community of street children in Port au Prince, Haiti. He runs Zanfan Lakay, a home of 83 former street children. These children, who once had no one looking after them, are now in a home where they are loved, disciplined, educated, and cared for. While he is known to have a soft spot for little ones, Jimmy is tough and he doesn’t mess around. There are strict rules about begging, stealing, and other street-kid habits that are not tolerated at Zanfan. And they’re better for it! The young men that are coming up there are gracious, polite, and thankful. We are greeted at the gate with a kiss on the cheek and a polite “bonswa” each time we come. And the boys are always happy to lift a helping hand to us or to one another.

Why Jimmy?

Jimmy brings a unique set of arms, legs, hands, eyes, and heart to Zanfan Lakay as he, too, was once a street kid. He personally knows and has felt the struggles that these kids have and what they need to integrate into society as productive members. He is equipped with a personal testimony to rising out of life on the streets and has created (with his support system of Grangou) a wonderful environment for these kids to grow up.

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