Meet Michael, the newest member of the Harvest107 team! You may recognize him from our very first Periscope where we showed you our newest planter design. Well, he is the guy who designed them! Michael is a designer and website developer from Kent, England. (Yes, we all try to copy his accent! We dare you not to try to read the rest in a British accent.)

Michael not only designed our range of planters made from pallets, but he has been working on designs for furniture that incorporate space for plants, including a new outdoor sofa for Harvest107 HQ. We are so excited to have a great place to sit outside at our HQ when we need a break!

Michael has been working in Haiti since November 2014 with numerous community projects. He has done a significant amount of work in the Cite Soleil area of Port au Prince, which is extremely poor and known as a tough neighborhood. But, Michael will be traveling to Nepal in February and will continue to represent Harvest107 there.


Interesting tidbit: Michael has a particular interest in herbs, scented flowers and propagation methods. He gave us some lovely jasmine plants for our HQ and he brought seeds of a highly scented Hidcote lavender from England that we’re just planting now. Michael makes sure we smell good.