….or should we say, “AID WITHOUT A HIDDEN AGENDA!

We’re asking our readers to support missionaries helping our organization in Haiti – specifically, the Pfaff Pfamily. After spending a month working in Port au Prince, Haiti earlier this year, they saw firsthand how destructive malnutrition can be. The Pfaff’s hearts had been touched and they knew that they would be called back sooner than later.  Their work was not complete and they had to do more to help the children and communities that they had grown to love.

Some might label the Pfaff’s as health nuts because the majority of the food that they consume in the States is fresh and organic. They grow many of the foods that they eat and have developed a passion for gardening. They will be the first to admit that they have not always eaten this way. It was only after some health concerns arose within the family that they were awakened to just how much what you eat effects your overall health.

Needless to say, the Pfamily has felt a weight on their shoulders to right the injustice of food insecurity and malnutrition. Having already developed relationships with the organizations where Harvest107 will be planting, the Pfamily has the unique advantage of being familiar with each location’s unique needs. There is not a blanket solution or cure. Each community has it’s own food needs, just as they each have their own personality.

Having a heart for Haiti and its people, as well as previous experience in country, makes for a productive mission. The goal is to make a substantial impact that will sustain itself for years and generations to come. Harvest107 has raised enough to funds to start a couple of the gardens, but we still need to raise the funds for the Pfamily’s travel, food, water, and shelter. The Pfamily is ready and willing to complete ALL of the projected and planned projects. We are now looking to you, to help us provide the much needed finances. Please SUPPORT THE PFAMILY in their work with Harvest107 by giving what you can below. If you feel moved to do so, we ask that you make it a recurring donation. Your ongoing support will insure the success of these gardens and ultimately serve hundreds of people.


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If you can only commit to a one time donation — you can do that by clicking here    | Learn more about the Pfaff Pfamily and Pfamily Mission at: