Project Details

Harvest107 has partnered with Espwa Berlancia to provide agriculture training to supplement their Middle Ground program. The garden will not only provide the malnutrition center with fresh nutritious food but will also allow parents to learn how to grow their own food at home. Upon completion of the Harvest107 workshop(s), parents will receive a seed starter pack full of the most nutrient dense foods that thrive in the climate. Equipped with the starter pack and this new knowledge, they can begin growing food to feed their family. Many of the parents who live in rural communities will use this in addition to their business training to start generating an income for their family by growing and selling fresh produce.

Espwa Berlancia is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization committed to the fight against malnutrition in Haiti. Denouncing the lie that an orphanage can provide better than a family, they exist to partner with caregivers to discover the resources that they need to provide for their children and preserve their family unit.

Knowledge Empowers

Our staff agronomists will train parents of Espwa Berlanica’s patients to grow their own food providing on-going nourishment so they never return. A special thanks to Camplight Apparel for donating a portion of their proceeds to cover the costs of these classes.

Children under the age of five suffer from malnutrition in Haiti.


of Haitians are unemployed with little to no access to clean food and water.

Garden Sponsor

This project was made possible by The Community Church in Oshkosh, WI. Not only did they supply the funding for the Espwa Berlancia garden, but they also donated their time, joining us in Haiti for the installation.

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