Harvest107 Seeds Pots in HaitiWe are on the ground in Port Au Prince, Haiti and could not be more excited about the projects here. We have spent the last two days surveying the areas where we will install the micro-farms. Each location poses special challenges, so we’re getting creative in our beginning sketches. One installation will be a rooftop installation and the other will be a vertical installation with some ground plants.

It is important that the food we introduce to the communities will be enjoyed. If we plant fruits and vegetables that the local people do not like then it will never be consumed for nutrition. We asked several of the locals what they would like to have and so far the number one answer is broccoli, followed by tomatoes and lettuce. That was music to our ears as we have had great success with all of these in previous plantings.

Today, we met up with Pfamily Mission and some girls from the Maison orphanage to get our seeds started. We were able to get over 200 seed pots done and had a bunch of fun in the process. You can see more pictures and read Pfamily Mission’s post about it here.

We still have a lot of work to do before planting and that includes purchasing the rest of our needed supplies. We are hopeful that you will be moved enough to make a donation and support our efforts in providing fresh fruits and vegetables to malnourished people here in Haiti. Click here to provide plants and other supplies.