IMG_7231Last week, we visited our project sites, took some measurements, and started over 300 seeds – they are cropping up nicely! We are partnering with an organization here in Haiti called SOIL for our soil/compost. They help with issues in Haiti by providing jobs, sanitation solutions, and compost for farmers. We just placed our order from them and are looking forward to visiting their facility.

We’ll be preparing the project sites this week and creating growing platforms and vertical solutions for the different crops and planting areas.


Trash is a huge problem here in Haiti, so we’ll be constructing as much as possible from discarded items. Alleviating some of the trash pileup will help the surrounding environment, and we’ll create a compost bin for items that can be used to help provide nutrients to the crops (rather than tossed into the trash).

We’ll be working hard all week to source materials and purchase necessary items. We’re happy to see that our seeds are cropping up and are looking forward to the nourishment they’ll provide for women and children here in Haiti.