Harvest107 Introduces Clean Eating Challenge



Harvest107 & Kristina DeMuth, MPH, RD have teamed up with a A-list of amazing food bloggers, nutritionists, and more to create a 14 day clean eating, healthy meal plan called the Veg Out Challenge! The challenge includes simple, delicious, and healthy plant based recipes to kickstart your 2016 healthy eating habits. We’ve even included some delicious snacks & treats for you to guiltlessly indulge on.  for 2 weeks and feel refreshed and energized for the New Year!

New recipes will be posted here each day or you can sign up on the member’s list to get the VIP treatment. Members receive all of the recipes in advance, plus bonus content and a nifty little shopping list to keep things simple for you.

Join now at:

Help us provide organic food sources in Haiti

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