Walking with Farmers

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Farmers all over Haiti are suffering from this year’s extreme drought. The lack of rain is so bad in some areas that farmers didn’t plant a crop. When local farmers suffer – the people of Haiti suffer.

PlaisirHarvest107farmersRemember Daniel – Harvest107’s first agronomy student resident? He recently introduced us to his family in the countryside of Haiti. Now, we are inviting you to meet the Plaisir family. Daniel grew up on his father’s farm, developing a love of agriculture and farming. This early exposure to food creation is what lead Daniel to Harvest107 and ultimately to a University degree through our Agronomy Residency program.

After celebrating Daniel’s success in school with his family, we learned that their farm was in jeopardy. The drought hit the Plaisir’s land hard and last season’s harvest did not earn enough money for them to continue. Daniel’s father began to pray for a miracle and we joined in on it.

Harvest107 is inviting you to join us to not only save his land, but also to get the supplies needed to come alongside and turn out a great new crop. Please consider giving $10 today and help us help this family save the farm. Here’s how your partnership will help:


Helping Mr. Plaisir to plant better crops will help him bring in more at market.


Re-nourishing the soil and tending to the land and his crops will ensure top quality.


Creating more drought-resistant crops, simple irrigation techniques, and more.


Connecting with local markets & restaurants to get the best price for his produce.

Walking with Farmers[stripe name=”Harvest107″ description=”Walk with a Farmer” ][stripe_amount default=”1000″ label=”Donation Amount:” ][/stripe]