Haitian Girls

2/3 of Haiti’s people cannot afford a balanced diet


Harvest107 is going to Haiti to help local organizations establish microfarms. With about ½ of Hatians living on less than $1/day, and about 1 in 5 children chronically malnourished, it is imperative that we act now. Rice and beans are cultural staples of the Haitian diet –providing a cost effective and filling solution to issues of hunger. However, rice and beans lack a variety of nutrients that are important to growth and nourishment.

During our visit, we will be building microfarms in two locations: The Maison des Enfants de Dieu orphanage and the meetinghouse for the women of KOFAEL. The orphanage is home to nearly 60 children-many of whom have lost their parents to the earthquake of January 2010. The meetinghouse of KOFAEL is a non-profit that combats the effects of natural disasters and economic hardships by empowering women through micro-loans and business education. In both the orphanage and meetinghouse, we plan to build microfarms that will diversify the Haitian diet while simultaneously decreasing food costs. While we do not want to Americanize the Haitian diet, we hope that these farms with help to make nutritious foods more readily available to women and children.

Harvest107 is dedicated to sustainability. We have designed programs that provide detailed instructions on care and maintenance, organic practices, and most importantly follow-up information and practices on harvesting seeds for future growth and production. We are really excited to be partnering with SOIL, an organization based in Haiti that educates, advocates and provides for Haitian citizens with compost using ecological sanitation, during our trip. We are really looking forward to this upcoming opportunity and would appreciate your help! A small donation can help us to buy critical supplies for our trip and microfarm installation. You can donate by visiting our website.

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