Don’t believe climate change is real???

Climate change causes a rise in temperatures and increases the frequency of natural disasters (usually weather-related disasters). Recently, parts of Haiti were struck violently by Hurricane Matthew. This resulted in the devastation of multiple communities, the worst being in the south of Haiti.

All over the world, climate change is affecting the lives of millions. It’s much easier to be blinded to the side-effects of climate change in a country like America. Yet, in developing countries like Haiti, just the slightest change in the climate can destroy everything.
Almost everything that the communities affected by hurricane Matthew once had is now gone. Many no longer have homes, farms are flooded, and fruit trees have been destroyed. Main sources of income have been lost. Hunger and famine will arise.

Did you know that the UN Global Sustainability Goals include eradicating hunger by the year 2030? We know that the future of ending hunger, and creating food security, is by supporting the small family farmer. Why? Because it is more than just a farm: it is food on the table, school tuition, a livelihood, dignity, and a future for families and communities.

This is why Harvest107 is walking alongside the farmers of Haiti to help rebuild. Through restoring the soil, replanting crops and trees, and replacing livestock, we can overcome hunger and achieve food security for generations to come.


This year, for World Food Day, we invite you to walk with Harvest107 as we walk alongside the farmers of Haiti. We can’t do this without you. You aren’t just giving dollars, you are giving a future.


  • $5 = a seedling
  • $10 = 10 gallons of compost
  • $25 = fruit tree
  • $125 = 1 goat or sheep
  • $250 = plowing a field