This year’s theme for World Food Day is #ZeroHunger, which has been our goal from the start. While we realize that we alone cannot solve the hunger crisis, we can help solve the crisis in front of us. Harvest107 is combatting hunger through sustainable agriculture.



Solange grew up on a farm in the countryside of Haiti. She only attended school for a few years, but she learned a lot on her father’s farm where she spent much of her days.

When her husband passed away, she went back to what she knew to provide for her children: farming. She got a small plot of land in the mountain community where she now lives, alongside her friends – also women farmers.

Solange told us that because she didn’t get much schooling, she wanted to be able to send her kids to school. And because of her farm, not only can she feed her kids, she can send them to school too!

Countries around the world are in political and economic crisis, causing an inflation of food prices by around 20% in Haiti alone. The results of this are disasterous for people struggling to make ends meet, leading to an increase in hunger and malnutrition.

Harvest107 has received more requests for partnership in the last 3 months in Haiti than in the last year. Why? When food becomes unaffordable, the need for sustainability becomes obvious. In countries like Haiti, sustainability is a key component of solving hunger and poverty.

While most moms in Haiti are struggling to find and purchase food and water for their fmailies, Solange (and the other ladies she farms alongside in the mountain village) are still putting food in their kids’ mouths thanks to their farms; and urban/rooftop gardens would offer the same result. Wouldn’t it be great if every mom in Haiti could do that right now?

We believe that every child and parent should go to bed having had a nourishing meal tonight, and every night. Do you?

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