February 20th is World Social Justice Day; and we at Harvest107 are more determined than ever to bring equality to impoverished communities. Over the past year and a half, Harvest107 has been committed to fighting hunger and malnutrition through education and sustainable agricultural practices in the US and abroad. In Haiti, at the Maison des Enfants de Dieu orphanage and the meetinghouse for the women of KOFAEL, our microfarms and rooftop gardens are providing women and children with fruits, vegetables and herbs to supplement their diets while simultaneously decreasing food costs. We also educate the children of the orphanage and the women at the meetinghouse on how to incorporate nutritious foods into their diets and harvest their crops using sustainable methods. We are currently installing micro-farm with a variety of vegetables at Zanfan Lakay, a home for former street children. In addition to feeding the children, 40% of the produce will be sold through the community to support the local Haitian economy.

In April, we will be starting a new project in the US by joining Atlanta Mission’s fight to end homelessness. This is where you come in!

The onsite garden is overgrown and needs consistent care and maintenance. You can make a difference by being one of the lead volunteers! You are needed to lead regular maintenance sessions and to help recruit and guide other volunteers. Families are strongly encouraged to lead, and bring the kids along – it will be a great opportunity to expose them to volunteer work in a responsible and safe setting. Our goal is to foster friendships and solidarity within the community and amongst the residents of My Sister’s House.  If you are based in Atlanta,  you can help by signing up to volunteer here. As always, to help us with our existing and future projects you can donate here.