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Project Site:   Zanfan Lakay (Haiti) People Group:   83+ former street kids Project Overview:   Install a micro-farm including a variety of vegetables. This particular project will not only provide a nutritious food source to the children, but also a job for some of the older kids that have aged out of the system. 60% of the micro-farms produce will be used to feed the ZanFan Lakay residents while 40% of the produce will be sold in the surrounding communities.


  • Lowering food costs while improving nutrition
  • Introducing new foods to balance the carb heavy standard diet of rice and beans
  • Create a sustainable food source
  • Create a high yielding crop of Bell Peppers for sale
  • Develop a dedicated heirloom seed bank for future plantings
  • Educate the staff/children on healthy eating habits and how to maintain and expand the crop


Future Plans:

  • Expand the planting around the perimeter of the property
  • Self-watering irrigation system