roundheadfeedWe are excited about our upcoming projects in Haiti where will be starting a new project at Zanfan Lakay, a home for former street children. Harvest107 will install a 50×50 ft micro-farm with a variety of vegetables, which will be a sustainable food source for the children in the home.

60% of the micro-farm’s produce will be used to feed the Zanfan Lakay residents, while 40% of the produce will be sold in the surrounding communities. This will be the first Harvest107 micro-farm in which a portion of the produce will be for-profit. This is particularly exciting for some of the older kids, who are anxious to save money for their future.

In doing this, we will be able to lower the food costs for the home and support the local economy. As the micro-farm flourishes, we plan to expand it to encompass the perimeter of the property and develop a self-watering irrigation system.

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